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Screening of white-rot fungi manganese peroxidases: a comparison between the specific activities of the enzyme from different native producers

Juho Järvinen*, Sanna Taskila, Ritva Isomäki and Heikki Ojamo

Author Affiliations

Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory, Department of Process and Environmental Engineering, University of Oulu, P. O. Box 4300, Oulu, FI-90014, Finland

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AMB Express 2012, 2:62  doi:10.1186/2191-0855-2-62

Published: 29 November 2012


In this study manganese peroxidase (MnP) enzymes from selected white-rot fungi were isolated and compared for potential future recombinant production. White-rot fungi were cultivated in small-scale in liquid media and a simplified process was established for the purification of extracellular enzymes.

Five lignin degrading organisms were selected (Bjerkandera sp., Phanerochaete (P.) chrysosporium, Physisporinus (P.) rivulosus, Phlebia (P.) radiata and Phlebia sp. Nf b19) and studied for MnP production in small-scale. Extracellular MnP activity was followed and cultivations were harvested at proximity of the peak activity. The production of MnPs varied in different organisms but was clearly regulated by inducing liquid media components (Mn2+, veratryl alcohol and malonate). In total 8 different MnP isoforms were purified.

Results of this study reinforce the conception that MnPs from distinct organisms differ substantially in their properties. Production of the extracellular enzyme in general did not reach a substantial level. This further suggests that these native producers are not suitable for industrial scale production of the enzyme. The highest specific activities were observed with MnPs from P. chrysosporium (200 U mg-1), Phlebia sp. Nf b19 (55 U mg-1) and P. rivulosus (89 U mg-1) and these MnPs are considered as the most potential candidates for further studies. The molecular weight of the purified MnPs was estimated to be between 45–50 kDa.

White-rot fungi; Manganese peroxidase; Lignin degradation; Lignocellulose; Enzyme purification